Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Region Twenty Championship 2011

To World Tang Soo Do Students, Instructors and Families:

On behalf of the WTSDA Region Twenty Black Belt community it is our pleasure to invite you to the 2011 Region Twenty Championship hosted by Tang Soo Do Karate Institute. We encourage all students to participate and celebrate in this, our regions main event of the year. This is a family event with competition for all levels, Black Belt demonstrations, cultural presentations, as well as Black Belt and Masters rank promotions. We have also added an exciting (jumping front kick) category. Join us for an extraordinary day of achievement, camaraderie, education and FUN!. For those new to martial arts, participation is especially recommended.

We are privileged to welcome Grandmaster Jae C. Shin, Founder and President of the World Tang Soo Do Association. We also wish to extend a hearty welcome to the following participating studios; Tang Soo Do Karate Institute-Chula Vista, CA., United States Karate Academy-San Diego, CA., Allied Gardens Tang Soo Do Academy-San Diego, CA., Ryun Ma Tang Soo Do-Chihuahua, Chih, Mex., Mountain Lion Tang Soo Do Costa Mesa, CA., Caltech Tang Soo Do-Pasadena, CA. , Coastal Canyon Tang Soo Do-San Diego, CA., M.A.S. Tang Soo Do-San Diego, CA. Garcia Tang Soo Do-Tijuana, B.C. Mex.., UCSD Tang Soo Do-La Jolla, CA., Pyung Ahn Tang Soo Do-San Luis R.C. Sonora Mex., Hermosillo Tang Soo Do-Hermosillo, Sonora, Mex., Padilla Tang Soo Do-Tijuana, B.C. Mex., Academia Valdez-Caborca, Sonora, Mex., Culiacan Tang Soo Do-Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mex....and others.

Pre-registration is required. Details and instructions can be downloaded at;

Come share your Tang Soo Do skill and spirit. We eagerly look forward to this special event and your participation.

Tang Soo!

Masters Larry and Leslie D’Ercole

What is the Region Twenty Championship all about ?

This is an exciting gathering of World Tang Soo Do, families, students and instructors within our geographical area. It is an all levels competition event and an opportunity to demonstrate your talents and interact with other members of our extended Tang Soo Do family.

Should I participate in the Region Twenty Championship ? Absolutely ! The Region Twenty Championship is designed for all students and levels to experience the competitive applications of their WTSDA martial art.

Where will the event be held ? Championship site is the Park Way Gym facility located near 4th and G Street.

385 Park Way Chula Vista, CA. 91910.

How can I prepare for this event? You may be prepared already. Our WTSDA schools are training with official WTSDA competition rules for free-sparring point system and the hyong (form) etiquette. Free-Sparring safety equipment is required for everyone's protection. All students are required to have safety equipment and is available through your studio.

What else should I know about the Region Twenty Championship ? In addition to the traditional Weapons, Forms and Free-Sparring competition, the championship will include a special Creativity Category and encourages each studio to present a brief Martial Arts exhibition. Other features include a special Regional Black Belt Show, an exciting Jumping Front Kick contest and cultural presentations. We are proud to receive as our special guest the honorable Grand Master Jae C. Shin, founder of World Tang Soo Do Association. Witness a moment of Region Twenty pride as the Grandmaster attends to the Black Belt and Masters promotion ceremonies.

Registering for the 2011 Region Twenty Championship

Registration before 7/15 ($50.00),

Registration between 7/16 - 8/15 $(60.00),

Registration between 8/16- 9/15 ($70.00).

Fill-out a Region Twenty Championship application and send with fees to:

Region Twenty Championship Office 2260 Main St. #9 Chula Vista, CA. 91911.

Make checks payable to WTSDA. Credit or Debit card also accepted (see registration application)

For Applications, Categories and Map visit

Spectator Tickets / Additional Tickets for friends or family There is one spectator ticket included with each competitor application. Please purchase additional tickets in advance at the studio or include with your registration fees. Spectator Tickets are $5.00, Children 12 years and under are Free.

Championship Souvenir T-Shirt Please pre-order when registering for competition. (see registration form).

Non competitors may pre-order souvenir T-shirts (use registration form).

Hotel accommodations The Comfort Inn & Suites 632 E St. Chula Vista, CA. 91910 is our official Championship Hotel. It is five minutes away from the championship site. We have negotiated a group rate $89.95 plus tax. Twin queen beds, Full hot breakfast included. Please mention World Tang Soo Do Association when making reservations to receive this special rate. Tel. 619/426-2500.

After Championship Event (location and details to be announced).

2011 Region Twenty Championship welcomes all WTSDA studios

Here are a few of our expected participating studios;

Tang Soo Do Karate Institute-Chula Vista, CA. United States Karate Academy-San Diego, CA.,

Allied Gardens Tang Soo Do Academy-San Diego, CA., Ryun Ma Tang Soo Do-Chihuahua, Chih, Mex., Mountain Lion Tang Soo Do Costa Mesa, CA., Caltech Tang Soo Do-Pasadena, CA. , Coastal Canyon Tang Soo Do-San Diego, CA., M.A.S. Tang Soo Do-San Diego, CA. Garcia Tang Soo Do-Tijuana, B.C. Mex.., UCSD Tang Soo Do-La Jolla, CA., Pyung Ahn Tang Soo Do-San Luis R.C. Sonora Mex., Hermosillo Tang Soo Do-Hermosillo, Sonora, Mex., Padilla Tang Soo Do-Tijuana, B.C. Mex., Academia Valdez-Caborca, Sonora, Mex., Culiacan Tang Soo Do-Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mex.

Schedule of Events

Friday, October 7th

5:00pm Black Belt testing at TSDKI 2260 Main St. 9 Chula Vista, CA. 91911.

6:00pm to 9:00pm Championship Set Up. Championship Site.

Saturday, October 11th:

7:00am Championship doors open.

7:30am Black Belt judges and score keepers meeting and ring assignment

7:45 Judges report to Ring

7:55am Weapons competitors report to rings

8:00am Weapons competition begins.

8:45am Black Belt Weapons and Forms Competition

9:30am Jumping Front Kick Competition

10:00am Opening Ceremonies Black Belt Show, Cultural Show, DAN Promotions

11:00am Tigers and Dragon Competition

11:15am Youth GUP Forms and Sparring Competition begins

12:30pm Creativity Competition

1:00pm Continued Gup Forms and Sparring Competition

2:30pm Black Belt Sparring Competition

3:45pm Championship CUP presentations and Closing Ceremonies

4:00pm Clean up

Want to Help?

Our World Tang Soo Do Association (WTSDA) and World Tang Soo Do Foundation (WTSDF) is a Health, Education and Humanitarian organization. Building Fund Brick donations ($40.00), Building Fund Pillar donations ($1000.00) or any amount are all tax deductible and may be honorably accepted with your registration or at the event. Be a Donar!

Region Twenty Scholarship Fund contributions (any amount) are also welcomed. Visit our booth at the event.

Thank you for your support.

Volunteers for many duties are needed. You may inform the championship committee via e-mail and you will be provide further information and details.

ONLINE & Contacts (download Information and Registration Forms)

Find us on Facebook events: 2011 WTSDA Region #20 Championship

Region 20 Director: Master Pat Marsch (858) 945-8921 e-

Event Director: Master Larry D’Ercole (619) 429-9122 e-

Asst. Directors: Master Leslie D’Ercole, BSBN Sig Luther, BSBN Barbara Bellini

Championship Office: Tang Soo Do Karate Institute 60 Main St. #9 Chula Vista, CA. 91911 Tel. 619/429-9122

Monday, May 16, 2011

KungFu Panda 2 BUDDY WEEK May 23-28!!

Greetings Martial Art Enthusiasts!

Here at Tang Soo Do Karate Institute we are excited about the Kung Fu Panda 2 movie coming out in theaters May 26th!
To Celebrate we are offering an exclusive (KFP2 BUDDY WEEK) May 23-28. Everyone is Invited! Children and adults are welcomed to participate in an exciting martial art class and workout. If you were thinking about martial arts for yourself or someone else this could be a great opportunity to try it out. Just wear something like sweat pants and T-shirt and select the appropriate Class Session.

BUDDY WEEK Age Appropriate Class Session Schedule.
Class 1 (ages 4-6) Tuesday and/or Thursday 5:00pm and/or Saturday 10:00am

Class 2 (ages 7-12) Tuesday and/or Thursday 5:00pm and/or Saturday 11:15am

Class 3 (ages 7-12) Monday and/or Wednesday and/or Friday 5:00pm and/or Sat. 11:15am

Class 4 (ages 7-12 Monday and/or Wednesday and/or Friday 6:00pm and/or Sat. 11:15am

Class 5 (ages 13+ & adults) Monday and/or Wednesday 7:15pm and/or Saturday 12:15pm

Wow! In addition we will be conducting free Raffles for KFP2 prizes such as T-shirts, beach balls, and more. If you wish to join us for the fun and excitment during Kung Fu Panda 2 Buddy Week May 23-28th please R.S.V.P. to with the following information and we will reserve your spot.
Name of Parent ( if for a child):
E-mail address:
Class Selection 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5

Tang Soo!
Master Larry & Leslie Dercole

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Battle of LA Martial Arts Championship
Saturday May 7th, 2011
Lake View Terrace, California

Congratulations Championship Team!
Perla Stone, Andres Espinoza, Alejandro Sarmiento, Christian Buenrostro, Tim Clark, Anica Bunag, Jeremy Bunag, Amanda Masumoto, Allyson Masumoto, Mario Gonzalez, Angelo Dercole, Anthony Gonzalez, Oscar Pineda, Miguel Soto, Chystina Soto, and all supporting students, family members, and instructors;

Your spirit and representation of our school and WTSDA is greatly appreciated. This is the first time in many years that our school has participated in a tournament outside of our own organization's events. We are confident of your skill and attitude for this special occasion. As we interact with various Martial Art schools please remember to extend the same TSD courtesy and friendship as you normally do. We anticipate this to be an interesting day of competition and education and you will be ambassadors representing our school and WTSDA.

We are especially excited to travel as a group in our own 52 passenger chartered BUS. This will add to the mindset, preparation and enjoyment of the day. Please arrive at the studio4:00am on May 7th and our departure will be approximately 4:30am. Pack in all foods, snacks and beverages that you need for the day. There will be a lunch break between 1:00-1:30pm. We will return as the event ends approximately 6:30pm. Our Bus is equipped with a bathroom and other amenities. Make sure you are prepared with all required safety gear and/or weapons for your respective categories. Until then, polish your battle spirit and train well for victory.
Tang Soo!
Master Larry & Leslie Dercole

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Wow! A new year, a new decade, and already a month into it. The time is Now! ...make the most of every moment and achieve your goals!

We ushered in January with our first regional Black Belt class of 2011 at the Chula Vista dojang. Over fifty Masters, DANS and Cho DAN Bo packed the studio to bring in yet another new year (our 34th) with a traditional black belt workout, including an intense Hyung (forms) session. The shoulder-to-shoulder training brought our ever growing TSD family even closer together.

The January 8th black belt class also celebrated new DAN promotions from around the region. Awarded from TSDKI were; Brandon Nordengreen ChoDAN, Jason Ferber ChoDAN, Alejandro Sarmiento ChoDAN, Jeremy Bunag ChoDAN, and Anica Bunag ChoDAN. Parents of the newly promoted Black Belts proudly witnessed their child’s outstanding achievement resulting from an average of five years of martial arts training. As unconditional supporters the parents partnered in the DAN presentation ceremony by surprising their children with a new trimmed uniform to accompany their newly awarded belt and rank. Congratulations and welcome to the WTSDA Black Belt Society!

Continuing on January 27th our studio’s young Tigers and Dragons celebrated their own rank promotion ceremony. For some it was their very first testing and promotion making it an extra special experience. On the 29th a junior GUP examination was held and a fresh new crop of Orange belts sprouted, several transforming from Dragons to GUPS. Way to go Karate Kids!


2011 will continue to be a special year for TSDKI filled with both indoor and outdoor events including the annual Region 20 Championship to be held here in Chula Vista, California on September 25th. In the meantime let’s continue the momentum and remain motivated! Get to class and bring your best attitude. Share your spirit and lend us your enthusiasm for learning and growing. Don’t be wishing for success. Let's be a success!

Master Larry & SBN Leslie Dercole
Tang Soo!!